Robins, Iowa, serves as a friendly residential community full of families. Its residents include many dual income families with the purchasing power to support local businesses. The low property tax rate enhances the financial stability of these active families. A talented workforce lives here and many other qualified workers live in nearby Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha.



As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Robins, Iowa, was 3,142. In 2016 as special census was taken, the population was determined to be 3,442. The city’s population grew 74 percent from 2000 to 2010. Median age: 39.1.



Out of 1,034 households, 88.1 percent consist of families averaging 3 people. Nearly every home in Robins is owner occupied.



The median household income is $111,652; the mean household income is $134,171. Business Insider recently listed Robins, Iowa as one of the most affluent cities in the U.S.



96 percent of Robins residents have a high school education or higher.



For the population 16 years and older, 79.9 percent are in the labor force. Nearly all of those working outside the home commute to nearby Cedar Rapids area to work. Over 50 percent are in management, business, science and arts occupations.





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